How it all began - learn about how we became who we are today

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Hi everyone! I’m Joanel and I’m the founder of Binge & Splurge. I thought it would be nice to create a community around Binge & Splurge - feel free to comment or ask questions anytime. 

How we got started

Binge & Splurge started as a beauty blog, then transformed into our own line of mink lashes. I realized pretty quickly that the beauty indsutry wasn’t my cup of tea - mainly becuase I didn’t find it fulfilling. I wanted to have a brand that got me close to my clients... then I learned how to make jewelry. 

Who we are today 

Today, Binge and Splurge has evolved to a woman owned and operated small business. I’m so blessed to have my mom and my sister helping me at any event I have the opportunity to attend. 

Every piece is handmade my be, I source every component myself and in person. Most people tell me that’s crazy but I see it differently, I feel deeply connected with every piece I create - to the point that I get excited to see them go off to their new home. 

A little about me 

I’m an SF Peninsula native and very blessed to call the Bay Area home. I feel very fortunate to have a loving tribe supporting me through my life journey - all of whom help out at events. I truly enjoy getting to know all of my clients and I look forward to meeting you in person one day. 

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