Healing properties


Every piece that we create has its own unique energy. Learn more about your piece or find a stone that fits what you're looking for!
6 Eyed Dzi eliminates sadness, suffering, and brings good luck

Agate establishes a balance between the entire self (physical, emotional, and spiritual)

Amazonite aids in expression, helps establish boundaries, and creates loving communicatIon

Amethyst brings calm, balance, peace and patience

Aquamarine inspires truth, trust, and letting go

Blue lace agate lessens anger, calms nerves, and brings strong intuition

Blue Chalcedony helps prepare us for action while helping us hold back words we may regret.

Carnelian motivates, boosts listless attitude, and rekindles passion

Chrysoprase helps bring truth, joy, happiness, and healing

Dentritic opal brings light to darkness and attracts turning points in your life

Garnet is used for purification, healing, comfort during transition

Grey Moonstone has been synonymous with the Moon, good fortune, love, magic, protection, and wealth

Hematite brings stability, logical thinking, balance

Howlite is used for patience, calm, and stress relief

Iolite brings  harmony within one's self or home and dissolves fear

Kyanite helps you find a common ground between those with different beliefs and ideas.

Labradorite helps bring clarity, balance, protection

Lapis stimulates wisdom and good judgment while attracting success.

Lavakite is a protective grounding stone

Peach Moonstone soothes against anxiety, emotional support

Pink Opal calms and soothes your emotional body, clearing and calming the heart to bring a sense of love, peace, and hope

Pyrite brings out boldness, assertiveness, and leadership qualities

Rose quartz is used for compassion, healing, comfort, self-love, and care

Ruby strengthens your courage, joy, and leadership qualities

Ruby Zosite is a combination of ruby and green zosite that helps with manifesting ideas and offers you the strength and will to accomplish your dreams 

Sesame Jasper sustains and supports us during times of stress

Silver Pearl represents focus, security, progress, and dependability.

Sodalite is used for communication, logic, truth

Tigers eye brings luck, good fortune, and flow of wealth

Tourmaline is used for protection, self-confidence, positivity

Turquoise is a symbol of friendship, protection, clarity in thoughts